3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm! 

The PROBLEM: Experts say the holidays are THE MOST stressful, overwhelming, and anxiety ridden time of the year. Do you agree?
The SOLUTION: This Christmas I offer you holiday simplification with 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm!

The major challenge that accompanies the Christmas holidays is a lack of time and energy to complete all the tasks we feel important. With just a little planning you can save yourself some major stress this holiday season. Shown below are my 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm. I have incorporated these 3 tricks into my holiday life for years and have found that as a working woman I can once again enjoy the holiday season!

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm 1

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm


My Christmas Wish for YOU

  • greater peace (identify what is important)
  • happy holidays (keep it simple)
  • more calm (ask for help)

I appreciate you stopping by today and I offer you three free gifts:

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  1. A page illustrating 4 easy ways to Welcome-House-Guests.
  2. A printable download form for you to plan your Black-Friday-Shopping.
  3. Page one of of my ‘Christmas Planning Printable’ download. Download page one immediately by clicking here: Professional Organizers Top 10 Tips to Save Time & Sanity This Holiday Season. Follow the suggestions listed on this page so you will feel greater peace and calm this holiday season.

Click here for more information including the detail specific “how to’s” for easy application of the 10 tips shown on the free page you just received.  Easy to use forms, checklists, and information sheets to help you prioritize and organize for the upcoming holidays AND all for only $10. (That is the cost of a burger, fries, and drink.) You  deserve the opportunity to feel greater peace and calm this holiday season!

 9 pg Christmas Planning Tool Kit containing 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm

9 pg Christmas Planning Tool Kit


2 Responses to “3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm!”

  1. Katherine Rollins Says:

    I use lots of lists and helps, but I am very distractable. All these good ideas get past my attention somehow. Such as, I found myself trying to put my socks on while I was still brushing my teeth.:-) How can I learn to complete tasks?

  2. Vicki Winterton Says:

    Katherine. I find that for my clients who also struggle with the ability to stay on task, morning routines and bedtime routines are extremely helpful. Give that a try and keep the order in which you complete tasks consistent. -Vicki

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