Organizing Paper Clutter 1Organizing paper clutter is a challenge for most of us. Where are YOUR paper piles? On the kitchen counter top? On the dining room table? Stacked by the side of your bed?

For this article I will focus on organizing long term reference papers only. Papers where actions have been completed and are being saved for possible future reference. These papers should reside in your home file-cabinet in a simplified system that allows for easy retrieval.

I worked recently with a client located in Orem, Utah. Miss P (we keep our clients identity confidential) was very frustrated when she called me to discuss her piled papers. She knew she needed help because she had tried many times to organize her paper clutter on her own and failed. Was she every happy when she was able, after a 3 hour session with me, to complete a file-cabinet system for her reference papers that allowed her to process and find papers quickly and easily. She was thrilled with the results of our time together.

The process for organizing paper clutter can be handled very simply with my 3 step ACT formula:

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

Access (Think) – This means taking a look at where you are and asking yourself these vital questions:

  1. Where am I stuck and why?
  2. What IS working with my current paper system?
  3. What IS NOT working?

Create (Plan) - Consider your goals when it comes to how you want to deal with organizing paper clutter. Create a vision of how you want your paper files to look and how they will function.

Tackle (Do) - This is the step most people actually associate with the organizing paper clutter projectdigging in to the paper by sorting, categorizing, purging, assigning, containing, etc.

Once you have finished organizing your paper clutter, think of your paper upkeep in relation to an airport runway. There is room to take off and land, but no room for overnight parking. Paper Piles need to be a thing of the past!

8 pg Organize Home File Cabinet Papers Kit

8 pg Organize Home File Cabinet Papers Kit

By using the steps I’ve outlined, organizing paper clutter will establish—or reestablish—greater control over the  reference papers stored in your file cabinet and you will gain a renewed sense of power and purpose by organizing YOUR paper clutter.

If you have tried to get your paper under control and know you need help in order to get the job completed, contact us.


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  1. Benson Jefferson Says:

    I have found that I feel shame and embarrassment from all my paper clutter. Today I change by buying your paper piles kit.

  2. Bruce Says:

    Your assess step will be helpful to me. Thanks for the insights.

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