Vital Records “Grab & Go” Binder Kit

How to Organize Your Vital Records Binder Kit

How to Organize Your Vital Records Binder Kit

Your most important papers are called vital records. Why is THIS Vital Records Binder Kit important to you? Because it allows you to easily identify, collect, and then organize important papers into one location. 

Since my husband’s passing a year ago, I have become even more aware of the need to update and organize all of my vital documents.  Vicki’s system has not only shown me what records to collect, but it has allowed me to organize all of them into one binder.  I, and my family, now have easy access to all of the information we may need in the event of a natural disaster, medical emergency, death, or any other unforeseen event. — Marian, a Vital Records Binder Kit buyer

Recently this binder kit was listed as one of the top 5 ways to store important documents because it really is the most detailed kits on the market. (It is referenced in relation to reliable suggestions offered by Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping.) The binder kit described here contains 25 forms, 6 very important lists, and 5 instruction sheets to easily illustrate what to gather and how to organize your important papers dealing with:

  1. Your Life
  2. Your Family
  3. Your Home
  4. Your Finances
  5. Your Health→ Click here to download your free Prescription Medications Log and Medical Professionals Directory
  6. Your History
  7. and much MORE!!!

Some of the valuable information and forms you will find inside your Vital Records Binder Kit include:

  • Eight (8) labeled binder dividers
  • Over 25 forms to record YOUR own vital information
  • Six (6) lists to help you identify and gather necessary information
  • A 4-pocket CD holder for storing household inventory & favorite photos
  • Simple step-by-step instructions for organizing your binder
  • A list of what to grab if you have only 10 minutes to exit your home
  • A list of the documents needed to prove your identity
  • The trick to rounding up financial account information
  • How to gather and organize necessary medical records
  • A list of important people to contact for immediate help
  • A pouch for storing emergency essentials
  • Your family disaster plan worksheet & personal survival guide
  • An inventory of your collectibles and valuables
  • An essential form for establishing proof of household contents for insurance purposes
  • A list of essential legal and estate documents
  • An “end of life” wishes form
  • An estate planning guide

This Binder Kit:

  • Removes the guesswork in specifying which documents are most important.
  • Allows easy access to your vital documents.
  • Is a breeze to compile! AND easy to keep updated!
  • You Simply Grab & Go when catastrophe strikes.
  • Remember…25 forms and 6 essential lists at a reasonable cost.
  • Delivers the peace of mind that comes with being prepared…and all you need to supply is the 2 inch three-ring binder.

Deciding to organize important papers is THE MOST IMPORTANT organizing project you will do this year. This binder kit allows you to identify and organize important papers, store them and easily transport them if catastrophe strikes. The $ you invest now in this “Grab & Go” kit will bring you the security and peace of mind you want. You’ll have everything you need at a moments notice right at your fingertips. To purchase your binder kit for organizing IMPORTANT papers, contact us by clicking on the link below or contact us directly.

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Price: $40.00