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  Home office decorating adds personality and uniqueness besides completing an organized office.  I am guest blogger, Virginia Kestler, a BYU college student intern for Vicki Winterton, Utah’s professional organizer.  I graduate next month with a degree in interior design. This article will deal with  home office decorating. Once you decorate to display your personality and you organize to increase your productivity and efficiency, YOU will feel comfortable and at peace in your home office. Listed below are my suggestions for making your home office reflect your personality.

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Color – You start your home office decorating by choosing a color scheme for your room.  For help on what color scheme you might use, check out my Guide to the Color Wheel. Use color to add unity and consistency to your home office decorating.

Accessories – Accessories add some “ping” to your home office decorating, but they can also be used as a functional part of your office organization plan.

  • A colorful rug adds to the décor while it protects your flooring.
  • Choose decorative or colorful storage containers in your home office decorating.  These help you fulfill a step in Vicki’s organization formula SPARK and it will give you more “office pizazz”.
  • Put some art on your walls as part of your home office decorating.  Use either 1) pieces you have purchased because you love them or 2) your own works of art.
  • Plants and flowers can also be put in your office to bring in a part of nature.
  • Decorative small containers to hold offices accessories like pens, sticky notes, staplers, paper clips, etc. are a nice accessories option.

Lighting – An important part of home office decorating is the lighting.  Remember that you need adequate lighting to do the tasks that are to be accomplished in your home office.  Decorating with light can add a calm, inviting, OR energetic mood to your room.  Windows can be a great source of light, along with florescent bulbs for bright light, and florescent bulbs for softer light.

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Home Office Organization tips:

Home office decorating will make your office YOURS, but remember that your office will be most useful when it is organized, so contact my trainer, Utah’s professional organizer Vicki Winterton, for assistance as you begin organizing your home office at 801-623-8411.

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    Considerably, the post is in reality the freshest on this notable topic. Your statements on color and accessories are general but right on. I believe the idea of keeping the room orderly is good and your SPARK formula is solid work. Much success in your business enterprise!

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    I’m impressed, I must say. Actually, your thought is excellent; not many professional organizers are speaking intelligently about this topic. Your 2nd article link has some good information also.

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    A useful read. I’ll definitely be back. Your color guide article link was also helpful to me.

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    Hi there! Your 5 point SPARK formula is so helpful. I will use it to organize my bedroom closet tonight. With thanks.

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    Be careful about the decorative small containers to hold offices accessories like pens, sticky notes, staplers, paper clips, etc. They are a nice accessories option, but too many can be a problem. Thanks for these insights.

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