Utah Small-Business Efficiency Coach

Small Business Efficiency Coach

Utah Small-Business Efficiency Coach

I know you know me as Utah’s professional home organizer, but I am also a trained and experienced Utah small-business efficiency coach. I’ve learned as I work with my small-business clients that when workplace efficiency is improved, productivity is greatly increased AND time is freed up for self care. Visit my other website to learn more about how I might help you (or someone you love) become more efficient so you or they can invest more time in the things that really matter.

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How to Easily Organize Home Computer Files

Organize home computer files logo  With an increasing amount of our personal documents going directly into our computers, learning to organize home computer files into simplified folders is becomingly increasingly important. Overly cluttered and disorganized computer files can not only cause frustration, decrease personal productivity, and add stress to your life; but computer clutter can even slow the computer itself. If you are like many of my clients, you feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting a few simple folders in place to simplify and organize home computer files.

Are you ready to organize your home computer files?

The reasonably priced download printable kit described below is just what you need! BUT first…Check out 5 of the suggestions detailed in the printable packet.

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Setting Up Email So Your Inbox Works For You

Setting Up Email Inbox Folders

so that daily control takes minutes!

6-page Setting Up Email Kit photo

6-page Setting Up Email Kit

Are you ready to invest one (1) hour to implement the researched best strategies for setting up email? Are you ready to finally organize your email inbox so message storage and retrieval is a breeze?

Email management will be simplified and stress free with the valuable secrets contained in this terrific 6-page kit! It will take you 15 minutes to read the information and only 1 hour to simplify and systematize your email inbox forever! With years of training and experience, I’ve learned proven best solutions to save you time, money, and sanity. I’m pleased to offer you this printable kit »» HOW TO MASTER YOUR EMAIL. (READ ON to learn about the “get it right” guarantee we offer you on ALL our Absolute Best Organizing Solutions info packets.)

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Home Office Decorating

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  Home office decorating adds personality and uniqueness besides completing an organized office.  I am guest blogger, Virginia Kestler, a BYU college student intern for Vicki Winterton, Utah’s professional organizer.  I graduate next month with a degree in interior design. This article will deal with  home office decorating. Once you decorate to display your personality and you organize to increase your productivity and efficiency, YOU will feel comfortable and at peace in your home office. Listed below are my suggestions for making your home office reflect your personality.

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Organizing a Home Office

Organizing a home office will help you become more effective and will bring a sense of order to your space. I have learned that organizing a home office takes time, but is totally worth the time invested. As you begin organizing a home office, use our ACT and SPARK organizing formulas.

Three Steps to Begin:

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