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Welcome. My name is Vicki Winterton. I have worked as a professional organizer specializing in home organization here in Utah for 10 years. I work in the homes and work-at-home offices of people located in the Salt Lake Valley, Park City, and Utah County areas. I created this blog so that I could share my experiences and help people everywhere learn how to downsize, simplify, and then organize their home spaces.

***If you saw me on TV and are here to purchase one of my truly amazing printable packets, click here and you will be taken to the page that has a listing of all 13 of my absolute best organizing solutions™ kits containing full detail for bringing order and simplicity to specific areas of your home, your household papers, and/or your schedule. (These kits are so good that they have been optioned up and are now sold through a high end online organizing store but you can buy them at a reduced rate right here.)

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Unpack and Organize in Utah

MOVING - we unpack and organize boxed items  We know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed by the daunting task of unpacking and organizing after a move!  Our team members are different from your typical moving company because our team leader, Vicki,  is a home organizing professional. Anything unpacked will be well organized and stored in a way that makes sense for the space!

As always, we treat all of your belongings as if they were our own.  All items are handled with exceptional care and respect. Vicki alone OR Vicki and her team of organizers will:

  1. Unpack your boxes and belongings.
  2. Create customized home organization solutions.
  3. Break down boxes and packing materials.
  4. Donate unwanted items.
  5. Leave your home ready for you to live comfortably!

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2017 Get ORGANZIED Classes throughout Utah County

* Professional Organizer Secrets *

2016 - Vicki with Library Class Sign 2Getting organized is usually in the “top-10″ list of resolutions for the New Year! According to NBC News and the data pulled from Google, these were the two most popular new years resolutions in 2016.

  1. GET HEALTHY with 62,776,640 searches
  2. GET ORGANIZED with 33,230,420 searches.

If getting better organized is one of YOUR New Year Resolutions I am here to help you.

I will present a FREE class “How to Organize Like a Pro” five different times during January of 2017 in the Utah Valley area. Please join me and if you bring a friend, you have a chance to win a major prize package.

Class details are below:

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How to Purge a Junk Room


I worked this week for 3 days at the home of A.J. in Spanish Fork. She purchased my 21 hour miracle package. A.J. and her husband had combined 3 moves worth of unprocessed items into one bedroom on the main floor of their current home. She did not know how to purge and categorize the items thrown in this room.

AJ was a woman with a creative mind (she works with visual media) and she told me she had trouble categorizing items. To her credit, AJ was a very quick decision maker and once I categorized the room items into 4 main categories she was quick to sort through and decide: (1) which should go, and (2) which should stay. It took me one day to complete the guest room (junk room) beginning to end. I spent the other two days working on her bathrooms, family room, living room, and work-at-home office. (read on to view the before and after photos)

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3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm!

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm! 

The PROBLEM: Experts say the holidays are THE MOST stressful, overwhelming, and anxiety ridden time of the year. Do you agree?
The SOLUTION: This Christmas I offer you holiday simplification with 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm!

The major challenge that accompanies the Christmas holidays is a lack of time and energy to complete all the tasks we feel important. With just a little planning you can save yourself some major stress this holiday season. Shown below are my 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm. I have incorporated these 3 tricks into my holiday life for years and have found that as a working woman I can once again enjoy the holiday season!

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm 1

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm


My Christmas Wish for YOU

  • greater peace (identify what is important)
  • happy holidays (keep it simple)
  • more calm (ask for help)

I appreciate you stopping by today and I offer you three free gifts:

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Organize Kitchen Pantry Shelves


This week I received a phone call from a woman (a new grandmother wanting to help) who was looking for some help for her daughter who felt a need to organize kitchen pantry shelves in her new home. This young mother, Seneca, had birthed a beautiful new baby girl five days earlier. The week before that, Seneca and her husband had moved into a new home. How is that for bringing on some MAJOR OVERWHELM!

I knew that in one morning I could easily organize the pantry and could then spend the afternoon organizing another room in Seneca’s new home so I suggested to Seneca my one day home organizing package so I could save her a little money. Take a look at the before and after photos Seneca took.  You can see in the before photo that Seneca had planned to organize by buying a few home organizing tools but she had not had the time, energy, or the detailed knowledge she felt she needed to tackle her pantry.

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