Do you want to get on with the business of organizing your home by downsizing your stuff? Well…it’s your lucky day! I am a Utah based professional organizer who services clients through out the state of Utah and I am here to answer those questions for you. Please begin by watching the TV segment I recorded recently. It has some great info for you, THEN read on to learn even more!

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Look over the ‘What to Keep List’ below and begin with YOUR #1 concern. Use the questions next to the links to clarify what you should keep:

  1. Kitchen gadgets – Ask, “Where exactly is this going to go?”
  2. Clothing items Ask, “Do I really need more than ___ of this item?”
  3. Children’s school keepsakes – Ask, “Is this a true favorite? OR does it represent my child at this stage of life”
  4. Garage sports equipment – Ask, “Have I used this in the past year?”
  5. Important Papers Retention Guide – Ask, “What is the worst that can happen if I let this go?”
  6. Things of sentimental value – Ask, “Does this item best represent my memory?”

Each of the above links will give you some great information on organizing your home and will begin the forward movement you have been longing for. PLEASE, leave a comment and share with us which of the 6 home areas is easiest for you to keep organized and why. Others can learn from your experience!

(The 2 free downloads mentioned in the video have expired. I do still offer them to my clients.)  IF you get stuck on what to keep OR if you’ve tried organizing on your own and just can’t do it, contact me, Vicki, at Organizing Mind over Matter. I am trained and experienced to help you with organizing your home spaces quickly and easily.

8 Responses to “Organizing Your Home”

  1. Victoria Says:

    I struggle with organizing my family.
    Will you please give me more details about your family management center. Thank you.

  2. Vicki Winterton Says:

    Setting in place a Family Management Center in Utah homes is one of the most requested services I provide. I can complete a FMC (also called a Household Hub) from beginning to end in 3 hours. You can find more information at I also have a 17 minute audio show talking about a Family Management Center. Find that at You’ll be amazed at the difference a well defined Family Management Center can make in your busy life! Call me at 801-623-8411 if you need my help. Good luck! Vicki

  3. Tamsyn Says:

    This article and video were very timely for my family. We just moved from a 6 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom townhome and having these questions to ask ourselves has really helped us get rid of what we don’t need. There’s nothing like having to move it all to encourage the de-cluttering process. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vicki Winterton Says:

    A move is great for realizing that you REALLY do not need all you have saved. Thanks for enlightening us to that fact! Vicki

  5. Vivienne Delmonaco Says:

    Gold! you save my day with the what to keep information. I have been a keeper and will now do a better job of letting go. Thanks!

  6. Tradot S. Says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you really know what you’re talking about! Your organizing formula makes good sense to me. Thanks. By the way, how can we communicate?

  7. Tamara Ackley Says:

    Your website is one of the most useful blogs I have come across on the internet. Nearly all of us wonder what to keep and what to throw out. Your article helped me with that concern. I will recommend this website!

  8. T.S. Sets Says:

    Fascinating points you have noted. I especially needed to know what to let go. Thank you for posting.

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