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These are websites (organizing resources) that I have found to be loaded with helpful information. I do not claim any responsibility for their services or products.

Web Addresses That Offer Home Purging Help

You request the topics - I do the research and write a Savvy Shopper online article  

NSGCD  National Study group on chronic disorganization and hoarding

Do you struggle with purging?

Do you overspend?

Want to recycle hazardous waste?

Want to eliminate telemarketers? or phone 888-382-1222

Want to stop Junk Mail?,

Want a Utah Valley on-site shredding service? 

Want to sell useful items in your local newspaper?

Want to sell still useful items at a garage sale?

Want to sell useful items online? 

Want to barter for services?

Want to give still useful items away?

Want to barter books?

Want disaster plans information?

Want to opt out of pre-screen credit card offers?

Phone Numbers for Organizing Help

1-800-GOT-JUNK     Mostly Nationwide

1-800-PACK-RAT     Mostly Nationwide

We are trained, experienced and ready to help you finally find that uncluttered, peaceful, organized life you have been hoping for. Contact us today if you need help organizing your spaces, time, or computer data!