Organizing a home office will help you become more effective and will bring a sense of order to your space. I have learned that organizing a home office takes time, but is totally worth the time invested. As you begin organizing a home office, use our ACT and SPARK organizing formulas.

Three Steps to Begin:

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1. When you begin organizing a home office, you want to assess what tasks the office will be used for:

What activities will take place in the office?  What will be stored in the home office to support those activities?

2. Next, create a plan for organizing a home office:

Where will furniture storage pieces be placed?  Where will the paperwork and supplies be stored?

3. Then you begin the organizing process.

Organizing a Home Office 2

Here are some ideas to try as you move forward on organizing a home office space:

  • Make sure there are specific work areas.
  • Create storage places for supplies so the desk top is clear for everyday use.
  • Use drawer dividers to keep small materials and supplies separated.
  • Have a paper file for “need to be filed” papers on the desk.
  • Organize all cords
  • Use your wall space by putting in sturdy wall shelves.
  • A tack board or white board can be used to post important messages and reminders.
  • A file cabinet is helpful in keeping all important papers organized and contained.

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  1. R. Filmore Says:

    I found this quote very fitting “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and SHOULD HAVE.” — Louis E. Boone I had no idea how to organize my home office. NOW I do. I will now try.

  2. Zacharry Albinot Says:

    I’m diggin’ this site. Drawer dividers and desktop storage areas for supplies have made a real difference in my office.

  3. perez d. Says:

    The idea of office activity zones is genius. Thanks so much!

  4. Greg Steel Says:

    My 1st excursion to your web site and I already love it. Your 3 steps will be helpful to me.

  5. Donya Says:

    Thank you for another fantastic post. I’ve a presentation next week, and this office organizing information has been helpful to me.

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