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Do you find yourself asking, “How do I get organized and stay that way?” If you have tried numerous times to organize your spaces but have come up short, we can help. We have helped clients just like you for nearly a decade. Wonderful people who:

  • Are vision impaired
  • Have mobility issues
  • Have diagnosed or undiagnosed ADHD and ADD.

At Organizing Mind over Matter, we offer best home organizing solutions to meet the SPECIALIZED NEEDS of those just like you who have tried over and over to organize their homes and lives but have failed. WE DO NOT JUDGE YOU because we are very good at:

  • Looking at disorganized and cluttered spaces differently, and
  • Diagnosing the specific problems that are blocking progression.

Our “How do I get organized?” home organization secret is this → EFFICIENCY first and BEAUTY second.  Now that doesn’t mean your living spaces won’t be beautiful. It just means they will be designed to be orderly and efficient FIRST AND FOREMOST.

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* So…HOW do YOU finally get organized? *

The first thing we do is come into your home or workplace and do an analysis…not judge…analyze! We don’t expect perfection, but we DO expect that:

  1. You have an open mind.
  2. You are willing to let go of the things you no longer use or truly love.
  3. You  believe you can be successful this time around.

For those of you who are not natural born organizers, We know which home organization techniques work and which do not.

* Those we CAN  help *

Our home organization specialties when working with special needs clients are listed here:

  • ADD / ADHD home organizing for those willing to live differently.
  • ADD / ADHD  workplace systems and strategies for those in need.
  • Specialized room set-up for those with physical disabilities. 
  • Senior client downsize and organize services.
  • Household upkeep and family management training
  • Mild to moderate chronic disorganization help.
  • Mild hoarding help. (Vicki was invited to be the main “declutter expert” on a 2013 episode of  TLC’s Hoarding Buried Alive TV show.)

How do I get organized magician 3How do I get organized

* Give Yourself Another Chance *

Our prices are reasonable because we believe everyone wins when you receive a good deal. We  bring a little magic as we change the way you live. Vicki’s special training and experience are the missing key to your success this time around. To have your own, “HOW do I get organized?” questions answered contact Vicki here (be sure to include your phone number) or call now at the number shown at the right.  Call now…We really CAN help you!