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As a trained and experienced home organizing specialist located in Utah, I offer a FREE 15 minute phone consultation where you can see if I am the missing link in helping you whip your home trouble spots  into shape. Contact me at the number shown at the base of this page.


My Promise To You

I PROMISE YOU THIS → → If you are diligent about organizing your home spaces by really applying yourself, you will be able to do less and accomplish more. You will be able to find needed items stored in your home within minutes. You will finally have time to do the things you love to do. I am so sure of the change I can bring into your life that I guarantee my work! How’s that for a promise! — Vicki Winterton, home organizing professional and owner of this website

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6 Benefits of Living Organized

  1. Order reduces stress.
  2. Uncluttered spaces look better.
  3. Children of organized parents perform better in school.
  4. Organized people earn more because they accomplish more.
  5. Order greatly improves family relationships.
  6. The American Detergent Association states a 40% time savings in weekly household chores.

“Thanks to Vicki our home is managed in a much more efficient way. Vicki took our disorganized spaces and added order. Our family of six has implemented the tools and routines she taught us in keeping things in their proper places. By doing so, our home has stayed organized and clutter free. Thank you Vicki!” – C. T. in Orem

Where do YOU need home organizing help?

organization services 2Home Office / Papers
organization services with spice rackKitchen / Pantry / Food Storage
organization servicesGarages / Basements / Attics
Mudroom organization servicesLaundry Room
Mud Room
Moving and Downsizing organization services554" />Moving - Unpack and Organize
Email and electronic documents organization servicesEmail

Home Computer Files
craft organization services 8Photos
Time/Family organization services Home, Family, Time Management for those with ADHD / ADD
organization services 10Bedrooms / Bathrooms / Closets


Writing ACT blackboard.During the first in-home visit I take a tour of your home problem areas. You and I then prioritize the room we will tackle first. After that, we sort through “the stuff” and put in place simple systems to allow for easy upkeep.

Since opening my business over a decade ago, my simplified home organizing tactics have worked for hundreds of happy clients and will work for YOU to make home maintenance quicker and easier. Our rates are reasonable because we believe everyone wins when you feel you have received a good value.

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