Family Emergency Plan

A survey was taken a while back of 666 random participants in relation to emergency preparedness. As you look over the survey results below, decide where YOU stand in relation to your family emergency plan:

Are you completely prepared? 13% (85 votes) = I know how to evacuate my home and office and I can access essential financial information. I can camp out for three days, maybe more, if I have to.

Are you somewhat or partially prepared? 28% (186 votes) = I know what to do at the moment disaster strikes (earthquake/tornado/fire/hurricane), but I know I’ll wish I’d prepared better.

Are you working on a plan?17% (116 votes) = I know what to do, but I still need to get it done.

Plan, what plan? = 42% (279 votes) NEARLY 1/2!!!

I fall into the somewhat prepared group. I attended a wonderful class at BYU’s education week  a month ago in my hometown of Provo, UT.

The class was taught by a fireman in Utah Valley, Tal Ehlers, who was very experienced with Emergency Preparedness. He talked about the need for a family emergency plan. He suggested a few things that might be of help to you as you consider pulling together the items necessary for survival. The unusual supplies he suggested that I had not considered as part of a Family Emergency Plan included:

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Sticky: Professional organizer

Hi there. My name is Vicki Winterton. I have worked as a Utah located professional organizer for nearly 10 years. I work in the homes and home offices of people located in the Park City, Salt Lake Valley, and Utah County areas. I created this blog so that I could share my experiences and help people everywhere learn how to downsize, simplify, and then organize their home spaces.

Organization is a valuable skill that saves us time AND money, and I offer some helpful insights that I’ve learned over the past decade. In addition to the information contained within this blog, I’ve created do-it-yourself guides that have been purchased by hundreds of people from across the USA right here in my website store. These printable kits (offered this week at a 20% savings) contain proven best practices and procedures for organizing just about any part of your home and daily life. In fact, many of my DIY products are so helpful that they have been optioned up and are now sold through a big upscale online organizing store.

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Spring Landscape

spring landscape tool rack Do you know what to do in the early spring to prepare your spring landscape for the upcoming seasons?

This week I invited my hubby Gary to be a guest expert on my online organizing show. He taught  about preparing your trees, lawn and planting beds in relation to spring landscaping plans. I invited Gary because he is a self taught spring landscape groomer and does such a good job with our yard that I knew he had some great information  to share with my listeners. Below I have posted some photos and links of the spring landscape and general yard care products he mentioned. I also included some spring landscape or yard-care tools he uses but didn’t have time to mention on the show. I will post his spring landscape top yard-care tools and tips under the 3 categories he suggested.

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Organize your Difficult Conversations

How do you handle your important conversations? Do you plan and organize your difficult conversations BEFORE they take place?

I am a reader. I have always enjoyed reading books to help me better understand myself, those I care about, and the world around me. The last two books I read, ‘Crucial Conversations’ by leadership consultants Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler AND ‘Without Offense – The Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism’ by Dr. John Lund both taught me how to better handle important discussions in a way that is not offensive and can strengthen relationships.

Patterson and group defined difficult conversations as a discussion between two or more people where: (1) the stakes are high, (2) opinions vary, and (3) emotions run strong.

I learned from Patterson’s group that “when participants hold back (because they are afraid of the consequences, want to spare someone’s feelings or don’t want to escalate a conflict) a true dialogue CAN NOT take place.” When you organize the difficult conversations, both participants should be open and remain emotion free.

One of THE most important things I learned in reading Crucial Conversations was to STAY FOCUSED. When you organize your difficult conversations you should be sure you clearly understand WHAT I WANT, WHAT I WANT FOR THE OTHER PERSON and WHAT I WANT FOR THE RELATIONSHIP. I need to also understand before beginning what I DON’T WANT the outcome of the conversation to be.

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Blended Family Tips


2011 Vegas Family Reunion

2011 Vegas Family Reunion

  If you are expecting marital success, then this article about blended family tips AND some consistent planning are necessary:

  • Set up open lines of communication for all family members
  • Plan and practice verbal and non-verbal love affirmations  of  love – Actually say the words “I love you” and mean them
  • Plan and reward good behavior with positive reinforcement – this applies to your children and to your spouse
  • Establish clear house rules – everyone should be aware of what the house rules are and that they will be consistently enforced
  • Organize a  few hours a week of  “whole family” time to bring everyone together to build family memories. Do this as early on as is possible.

Remember to:

  • Be realistic
  • Be patient AND
  • Limit your expectations  

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Blended Family Holiday Tips

blended family christmas    Create positive family holiday memories with these blended family holiday tips. Blending a family of any variety is an obstacle course with many hardships already built-in to climb above. The holiday season is especially hard because of all the memories (bad AND good) that come attached to each blended family member.  This week I invited my friend and neighbor, Janet Peterson, mother of 11 children combined, to share some Blended Family Holiday Tips. Listen here to show #023. My friend Janet has maneuvered the course for many years and has been successful! She shares specifics on holiday activities and traditions that have worked for her blended family over the years. A few suggestions include these:

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Gift Certificate for Home Organizing Help within Utah

Home Organizing Help 1Home Organizing Help in Utah

Have you or someone you love grown tired of living in disorganized and cluttered spaces? Utah’s professional organizer offers home organizing help by-way-of gift certificates! Just think of it…for ½ the cost of a new desk or ½ the cost of a new TV set, YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE can receive the gift of peace! In fact, at Organizing Mind over Matter, we guarantee greater peace of mind!

Imagine the opportunity to organize a home space, once and for all, so those you love can easily maintain.

Suggest this gift option to those buying gifts for you OR give the gift of home organizing help to someone you love who has tried and just doesn’t have the know-how to make it happen on their own.

Contact Vicki now via email or by phone.  

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Family Traditions for the Holidays


Winter Season Traditions

Winter Season Traditions

Building a stronger family unit is the goal of every mother I know! Holiday family traditions are a great way for families to come together to celebrate the fun and festivities of the winter season. I just produced show 021 titled Winter’s Fun Family Traditions hosted on The Organized Woman Show. My sister Cindi was my invited guest. She has done such a great job of bringing her family together each time she sees an open opportunity. She shared three fun ideas for building family closeness with winter time family traditions. My show partner, Laura, and I each shared three ideas of our own for beginning new family traditions. Listen to the show by clicking on the bolded link a few lines up. Learn about Cindi’s family’s “Story around the Tree”, Laura’s family’s “Christmas Eve House” and my family’s “Camera, Lights, Cocoa” family traditions.

My friend, Kim Shields, who is SO GREAT at finding time not only for her own children, but including many of the neighborhood children in her fun times, emailed me a these great ideas:

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The Organized Woman Show

I was interviewed on the WIN Show (The Womens Information Network) this month because I am a show co-host with The Organized Woman Show. In the interview, we talked about how my free WIN online radio show, The Organized Woman Show, can benefit listeners in their lives. We touched on systems for organizing your shoes, systems for organizing your papers, systems for organizing your time, and how to organize any portion of your life.  To watch the interview, click the title here: The Organized Woman Show with Vicki Winterton.

My show co-host, Laura, and I record and upload 8 new shows a month. Our shows talk you through the steps to plan and organize your spaces, your papers, your office, your family, your personal time, etc.

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Organize your Life

I offer you options to organize your life and bring relief to life’s obvious pitfalls! Are you tired of feeling overworked and unable to maintain control of your life? After participating in any of these options you will feel you are better able to take control of your time, spaces, family, etc.

organize your life teacher 1. Please join me as I present a quarterly Utah Valley University Small Business Development Center Workshop which focuses on helping you begin a successful business with low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies.

Now, if that is not enough, here is help #2 for organizing your life a little better.

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