Family Emergency Plan

A survey was taken a while back of 666 random participants in relation to emergency preparedness. As you look over the survey results below, decide where YOU stand in relation to your family emergency plan:

Are you completely prepared? 13% (85 votes) = I know how to evacuate my home and office and I can access essential financial information. I can camp out for three days, maybe more, if I have to.

Are you somewhat or partially prepared? 28% (186 votes) = I know what to do at the moment disaster strikes (earthquake/tornado/fire/hurricane), but I know I’ll wish I’d prepared better.

Are you working on a plan?17% (116 votes) = I know what to do, but I still need to get it done.

Plan, what plan? = 42% (279 votes) NEARLY 1/2!!!

I fall into the somewhat prepared group. I attended a wonderful class at BYU’s education week  a month ago in my hometown of Provo, UT.

The class was taught by a fireman in Utah Valley, Tal Ehlers, who was very experienced with Emergency Preparedness. He talked about the need for a family emergency plan. He suggested a few things that might be of help to you as you consider pulling together the items necessary for survival. The unusual supplies he suggested that I had not considered as part of a Family Emergency Plan included:

__ _ __ _ __ _ __ _ __

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The Organized Student

School is in session once again. Statistics show that an organized student out-performs others with the same capabilities. Typically this happens by watching the adults in his/her life.

As a former teacher and informed parent I did all I could to make sure my children were well rounded and enjoying their school experiences. I visited their classrooms often and let the teachers know I was watching & interested in what they were teaching my children. I valued those teachers who shared their best with my children (nearly all of them) and these good teachers KNEW they were valued!

My guest on The Organized Woman Show this week was RaDawn Pack. A master teacher of 24 years. Listen here to learn from RaDawn. Below are some valuable links and downloads for your child’s success in school. I have organized them with my 4 E’s:  Read more…

Family Reunion Fun


2009 Family Reunion Fun

Organizing family reunion  fun is not an easy task. A systematic approach is helpful. In a previous article, I shared some tips for putting together a general master plan for family reunion fun.

In that article I promised theme ideas, favorite activity ideas and photos suggestions. I am a woman of her word. Here you go:

Family reunion themes for family reunion fun! – Your theme is what makes your family reunion fun and most memorable. Here are a few favorites my extended family have chosen the past few years:

  • A Blast from the Past for family reunion fun: Meals = favorite meals from preparers childhood. Activity = ‘hide & seek’ or ‘no bears are out tonight’. (Be sure to assign a young child with an adult supervisor.)
  • Where in the World for family reunion fun: Meals = country of preparers choice. Activity = go hiking and call it climb the Swiss Alps or do a swimming activity and call it Hawaiian fun.   Read more…

Plan Family Reunion

Vicki’s 2009 SIBLINGS & families REUNION

The reason to plan family reunion fun is to reunite your immediate or extended family. Few of us live next door to our siblings or cousins like was done in the “old days”. Geography divides us. The main reason to plan family reunion (s) annually is that it brings your family back to once again grow together.

BEGIN TO PLAN FAMILY REUNION FUN WITH A MASTER PLAN –  The whole  reunion should be planned beginning to end by one family member. In my family, I and each of my siblings take a year to plan family reunion events on a rotating basis.  THEN we divide up the reunion responsibilities for the year. We typically assign out one meal and one group activity per sibling.  This plan, family reunion master plan I should say, is not overwhelming for the master planner OR anyone helping. Let’s imagine that YOU are the master planner for THIS YEARS family reunion. Before you begin to delegate, you should decide these things:

FIRST, decide on the type of reunion you will hold from these options:

  • siblings only (your brothers and sisters)
  • adults only, (your siblings and their spouses/life partners)
  • everyone’s invited

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Professional organizer

As a trained and experienced professional organizer I know that organizing anything saves busy people just like yourself valuable time and money. My name is Vicki Winterton. I work on-site with clients typically located in the Salt Lake and Orem / Provo areas. In this blog I share a wide variety of “why organize” AND “how to organize” insights learned as I gain additional training and experience PLUS some great products and tools for organizing YOUR:

  1. Home
  2. Time
  3. Family
  4. Personal Life

Here are some tips concerning the use of this website blog:

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Blended Family Tips

   If you are expecting marital success, then this article about blended family tips AND some consistent planning are necessary:

  • Set up open lines of communication for all family members
  • Plan and practice verbal and non-verbal love affirmations  of  love – Actually say the words “I love you” and mean them
  • Plan and reward good behavior with positive reinforcement – this applies to your children and to your spouse
  • Establish clear house rules – everyone should be aware of what the house rules are and that they will be consistently enforced
  • Organize a  few hours a week of  “whole family” time to bring everyone together to build family memories. Do this as early on as is possible.

Remember to:

  • Be realistic
  • Be patient AND
  • Limit your expectations   Read more…

Home Organizing Workshops

Home Organizing Workshops

Join Vicki for any or all of the 3 classes she will be teaching during the month of January 2010 in conjunction with National Get Organized Month. The class information is listed below. If you have any questions about the classes listed below, please contact Vicki.

Home Organizing Workshops Offered

Class Information

Get Organized Now!

  • Thrusday, Jan. 21, 2010 at 1 p.m.
  • Orem City Library

With Time to Spare!

  • Thrusday, Jan.21, 2010 at 7 p.m.
  • Provo City Library

Business Office/Home Office Organizing Tips

Offered through UVU Community Education

  • Jan. 28, 2010 from 7-9 p.m.
  • Mtn. View High School, Orem
  • $30 Class Fee (bring with you)
  • Call 801-863-8012 to register

How to Organize your Home Office

OR Workplace Office

I just wanted to say thank you for your time in teaching me about time management. As you promised, the “Action File” has changed my life. I’m able to stay on top of the paper mess that comes into my home. I knew the importance of daily maintenance prior to your class (I only learned this in the last year!), but you’ve taught me how to perform daily maintenance on the paper mess, not just tidying the house. Wow! What a great thing!” –Diane, 2009 UVUcommunity education class

Blended Family Holiday Tips

blended family christmas    Create positive family holiday memories with these blended family holiday tips. Blending a family of any variety is an obstacle course with many hardships already built-in to climb above. The holiday season is especially hard because of all the memories (bad AND good) that come attached to each blended family member.  This week I invited my friend and neighbor, Janet Peterson, mother of 11 children combined, to share some Blended Family Holiday Tips. Listen here to show #023. My friend Janet has maneuvered the course for many years and has been successful! She shares specifics on holiday activities and traditions that have worked for her blended family over the years. A few suggestions include these:  Read more…

Family Traditions for the Holidays


Winter Season Traditions

Winter Season Traditions

Building a stronger family unit is the goal of every mother I know! Holiday family traditions are a great way for families to come together to celebrate the fun and festivities of the winter season. I just produced show 021 titled Winter’s Fun Family Traditions hosted on The Organized Woman Show. My sister Cindi was my invited guest. She has done such a great job of bringing her family together each time she sees an open opportunity. She shared three fun ideas for building family closeness with winter time family traditions. My show partner, Laura, and I each shared three ideas of our own for beginning new family traditions. Listen to the show by clicking on the bolded link a few lines up. Learn about Cindi’s family’s “Story around the Tree”, Laura’s family’s “Christmas Eve House” and my family’s “Camera, Lights, Cocoa” family traditions.

My friend, Kim Shields, who is SO GREAT at finding time not only for her own children, but including many of the neighborhood children in her fun times, emailed me a these great ideas:  Read more…

Organizing Products

Are you interested in finally getting yourself organized but are unable to find just the right organizing products? Organizing products that are a real help in setting up an organizing system that works for you today and for many years of tomorrows. The Container Store is one of my favoite online stores. It’s SO fun to walk through and almost as much fun to surf. Visit your local Container Store for the purchase of organizing products. Decide on the room that needs your attention most, go shopping online, and when your products arrive, shout “HOORAY!” and begin my steps to organize any space formula. If you can’t find what you need in the container store, I have compiled some additional links for unique and hard to find organizing products.  Who knows…one of these organizing products may be just what you have searched for for years and never been able to find.