Photo Organizing


Photo Organizing Printable Kit

Photo Organizing in 5 Simple Steps

Consistent photo organizing is something that many of my clients REALLY struggle with. If that is an issue with you, stop shuffling through stacks of unorganized printed photos and digital photo files on multiple devices. Your journey to easily organizing ALL your photographs starts here with FIVE EASY STEPS.

Did you know:

  1. 80% of all images are taken by Mom’s.
  2. Every two minutes we Americans snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800’s.
  3. 70% of Americans own digital cameras. Of that group, only 14% of their photos EVER leave their camera.

I’ve got great news for you.

Because I love to learn how to better organize anything & everything I recently attended an exceptional training session titled “Best Strategies and Practices for Photo Organizing and Storage”. I then spent a few days researching online. With the info I gleaned from my training course and the research I did additionally, I have created a very reasonably priced printable product that comes immediately to your email inbox for immediate storage or printing.

(READ ON to learn about the “get it right” guarantee we offer you on ALL our professional organizer insider secrets info packets AND to see what this great photo organizing kit includes.)    

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Earthquake Emergency Preparation

  I just left the home of Marian who hired me  to help her feel better prepared for life’s unexpected. I worked with Marian on her earthquake emergency preparation because she lives within the Rocky Mountain’s fault line in Utah. We finished up readying her 3 month consumable food supply and 72 hour emergency kits. We are now working on her ‘Vital Documents Grab & Go Binder’. She is already feeling much better prepared.

The following are recommendations made by FEMA – The USA’s Federal Emergency Management Agency which oversees accountability for emergency preparedness including earthquake emergency preparation in the USA. (The tips in parenthesis belong to me.)

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Paper Management for Incoming Papers

Take Command!   Create a Paperwork Landing Pad

Do you need a go-to spot for paper management of papers that are incoming? As a professional organizer servicing the Utah County area, I find the organizing service most often requested by my residential clients is a workable paper management center. A place for them to stay atop incoming and outgoing family centered information. Saved papers and memorabilia come into our homes daily and need a place to “land” so they can be easily retrieved and dealt with.

Here in Utah we have larger families (4 individuals) with many of our children involved in after-school clubs, sports, and other activities. The amount of “stuff” brought home and needing an organized “rest stop” is often doubled. If YOUR kitchen counter is cluttered with family schedules, school papers, mail, or invitations; I suggest you assign a small file box as the “family file” to help clean up that chaos. The family management center is a place for your incoming paper to “live” until it’s completed. This works ideally for busy families needing to organize life’s activities. Here’s how to get started:

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Writing Biography: A Personal History

writing biography The idea of writing biography pages and keeping a family history was not appealing to me for most of my life. I knew in my heart that I should be doing it, but it was just too hard for me. Then twelve years ago, my oldest daughter Nik taught me through example the simple steps to writing biography pages as I lived my life…week by week. I update my personal record each Sunday afternoon by writing about the five (5) weekly notables. Nik’s once a week idea removed the overwhelm. A few more written biography suggestions follow so YOU won’t feel overwhelmed about writing your own written living biography:

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