Organize Kids School Papers

One of the questions so many of my young mom clients ask is, “How do I organize kids school papers?”

They don’t know what to do with all the stuff their kids make and bring home. These sweet mom’s love to sit down and see their children’s masterpieces when they come through the door, but, the one thing that dangles in each mothers mind is, “What do I do with all these papers now?” They don’t know what to keep and what to let go. If you too are concerned with how to select the keepers and easily store those selected, I have a FREE How To Organize Kids School Papers download for you and a two-step process for organizing kids school keepsakes.

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How to Organize Workplace Papers

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Organizing Paper Clutter

Organizing Paper Clutter 1Organizing paper clutter is a challenge for most of us. Where are YOUR paper piles? On the kitchen counter top? On the dining room table? Stacked by the side of your bed?

For this article I will focus on organizing long term reference papers only. Papers where actions have been completed and they are being saved for future reference. These papers should reside in your home file-cabinet in a simplified system that allows for easy retrieval.

I worked recently with a client located in Orem, Utah. Miss P (we keep our clients identity confidential) was very frustrated. She called me to discuss her piled papers. She knew she needed help because she had tried many times to organize her paper clutter on her own and failed.

Was she ever happy after a 3 hour session with me! We put a file-cabinet system in place for her reference papers. It allowed her to process and find papers quickly and easily. She was thrilled with the results of our time together.

The process for organizing paper clutter can be handled very simply with my 3 step ACT formula:


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Document Organization: Household Papers

Document Organization

How to easily organize your household papers once and be done with it!

8 pg No More Paper Piles kit

Why is this eight page ‘No More Paper Piles’ download packet important to you AND your family?

When it comes to home document organization, the idea is overwhelming to nearly everyone UNTIL they understand that papers should be divided into two types.

1) What’s needed now = your incoming and “needs further action” papers. (see download #1  below) AND

2) What’s needed later = your file-cabinet reference files. (see download #2 below).

This understanding alone can save you major paper processing stress!

Why are the 2 document organization downloads on this page important to you?

Because they both contain the helpful lists and instruction sheets you need to FINALLY grasp how to gather, categorize, organize, AND easily retrieve ALL your household papers:  

  • The incoming papers that come through your door each day.
  • The paper piles that now cover your kitchen counter-top.
  • The file-cabinet folders that are simply not working for you or your family.

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Store Important Documents


WHY store important documents for easy access?

In a nutshell, your most important papers are called vital records. (Think: identity documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, social security cards, life insurance policies, etc.) You must store important documents in such a way that it allows for easy accessibility for it to be any good to you.  YOUR vital records are papers with information that is crucial about:

  1. You
  2. Your Family
  3. Your Home
  4. Your Finances
  5. Your Health
  6. Your History

WHAT are some of the “roadblocks” when you store important documents?

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