Book Review

The Organized Mind

Book - The Organized MindI just finished reading the non-fiction book THE ORGANIZED MIND: THINKING STRAIGHT IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD by Dr. Danial Levitin who included loads of scholarly research.  The author, a neuroscientist himself, tells us in the book that recent neuroscience research has learned a lot about the brain in relation to organization and productivity, but it hasn’t trickled down to the average reader. His aim was to bring the science to the average person.

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TLC Hoarding: Buried Alive – invitation to appear

Hoarding 1Today I was contacted by TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive TV production coordinator, Nicki Marko, to participate in an episode to be taped in Salt Lake City. She invited me to be the professional organizing expert on an upcoming episode focusing on three brothers living in the downtown Salt Lake City area. The show would provide me with 6 additional helpers whom I would train and supervise, but I would be THE organizer in charge. The show’s goal was for my crew to clear out and declutter the kitchen and the two bedrooms which had accumulated stuff piled 5 feet up. The rest of the home was in the same disrepair, but the show would focus on clearing only the kitchen and two bedrooms because two of the three brothers were currently sleeping on the kitchen floor.

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ADD and ADHD Help


ADD help - desk before 1

Dorm room desk BEFORE

I just returned from organizing the dorm room of a young college freshman who had come to Utah from Washington D.C. to begin working on his college degree at the University of Utah. His mother called me a week ago and asked me to help her son who had been recently diagnosed with ADD. (Technically he, like most others, has ADHD. His mind is hyperactive even though his physical body is not.)  He told his mother that he could not find anything in his dorm room. He could not find his homework assignment sheets. He could not find his completed homework pages. He could not find his school supplies. He knew he needed help!

His mother could not help him due to the distance dividing them so she called me, a professional organizer with specialized training, to offer her son some room function insights.

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ADHD and ADD Help

We provide ADHD and ADD help with very simplified organizing systems. If you, or someone you love, lives with this common neurobiological condition you are probably aware that it can wreak havoc on your ability to get and stay organized. The specialized ADD help we provide is necessary for you to get your work done in the most effective manner so you’ll have time to play. We can’t promise you a life of complete ease, but we can bring order and control to many of life’s frustrations. Our simple organizing systems allow those with ADD/ADHD to live a little easier.

ADD Help 1

We, at Organizing Mind over Matter believe that feeling more in control of your days, your stuff, and your home is ABSOLUTELY possible.

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