Organize Kids School Papers

One of the questions so many of my young mom clients ask is, “How do I organize kids school papers?”

They don’t know what to do with all the stuff their kids make and bring home. These sweet mom’s love to sit down and see their children’s masterpieces when they come through the door, but, the one thing that dangles in each mothers mind is, “What do I do with all these papers now?” They don’t know what to keep and what to let go. If you too are concerned with how to select the keepers and easily store those selected, I have a FREE How To Organize Kids School Papers download for you and a two-step process for organizing kids school keepsakes.

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How to Teach Children to Organize

teach children to organizeOrganizing habits learned early on and made part of a child’s life are skills that they can keep with them throughout adulthood. These 3 ideas will make it easier to teach children to organize and then maintain their own living spaces:

1. Make it FUN when you teach children to organize and maintain!

• Make it a game to put away toys. Reward children with a sincere “thank you” or points toward a prize they want. Your appreciation shows your approval.

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4 Health Benefits of Living Organized

4 health benefits of living organized

Good Housekeeping Magazine AND  share some health benefits of living organized. Listed here are 4 of the 5 that I have found to be very useful:

1. Benefits of living organized → Increase “Self Care Time”  Enjoying leisure activities is linked with health and well-being. Being “crazy busy” is not a positive way to live. If you can’t cram one more thing into your schedule, you may want to get organized. Every minute you are looking for something – means less time to relax. My clients gain about an hour a day after I help them organize their home or work-from-home office.

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Teach Kids to Live an Organized Life

organization classes expert speaker

Listed below are seven of my favorite books to help you teach kids to live an organized life in your own home. I was motivated to compile this list after reading a newspaper article posted by Robin Harisis of Rochester, New York. These books have been talked about in professional organizing circles for decades. They really are the best out there.

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Organizing Kids Clutter

How to Create High Functioning and Clutter-Free Space with KIDS Around

Organizing Kids ClutterKids today do much more in their rooms than just sleep. They go to their rooms to play, to enjoy company with friends, to read books, to do homework, and to simply hide from the world. A child’s room is often a multi-tasking room, which means it is a space that requires efficient organization or else it ultimately becomes a cluttered mess. What with toys and books and little people with messy habits, our kids’ rooms are often the biggest challenges to organize and then keep organized.

6 Products to help you with Organizing Kids Clutter

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