3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm!

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm! 

The PROBLEM: Experts say the holidays are THE MOST stressful, overwhelming, and anxiety ridden time of the year. Do you agree?
The SOLUTION: This Christmas I offer you holiday simplification with 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm!

The major challenge that accompanies the Christmas holidays is a lack of time and energy to complete all the tasks we feel important. With just a little planning you can save yourself some major stress this holiday season. Shown below are my 3 simple cures for holiday overwhelm. I have incorporated these 3 tricks into my holiday life for years and have found that as a working woman I can once again enjoy the holiday season!

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm 1

3 Simple Cures for Holiday Overwhelm


My Christmas Wish for YOU

  • greater peace (identify what is important)
  • happy holidays (keep it simple)
  • more calm (ask for help)

I appreciate you stopping by today and I offer you three free gifts:

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Organize Your Laundry Room information packet logo

How to Easily Organize Your Laundry Room Once and for all!

One of the most time consuming but essential activities we face is laundry! According to BYU Today Magazine, the average American household washes 330 loads of laundry each year. Shocking isn’t it?  If YOU are ready to organize your laundry room and finally get a laundry routine figured out then the download printable kit described below is just what you need! BUT first…

Check out five of our “top 10 tips” offered on page one of our fabulous printable kit by clicking the read more button.

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Book Review

The Organized Mind

Book - The Organized MindI just finished reading the non-fiction book THE ORGANIZED MIND: THINKING STRAIGHT IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD by Dr. Danial Levitin who included loads of scholarly research.  The author, a neuroscientist himself, tells us in the book that recent neuroscience research has learned a lot about the brain in relation to organization and productivity, but it hasn’t trickled down to the average reader. His aim was to bring the science to the average person.

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How to Easily Organize Home Computer Files

Organize home computer files logo  With an increasing amount of our personal documents going directly into our computers, learning to organize home computer files into simplified folders is becomingly increasingly important. Overly cluttered and disorganized computer files can not only cause frustration, decrease personal productivity, and add stress to your life; but computer clutter can even slow the computer itself. If you are like many of my clients, you feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting a few simple folders in place to simplify and organize home computer files.

Are you ready to organize your home computer files?

The reasonably priced download printable kit described below is just what you need! BUT first…Check out 5 of the suggestions detailed in the printable packet.

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Easy Closet Organizing Solutions

Easy Closet Organizing (12 pg booklet)

12-page booklet = Easy Closet Organizing

Easy Closet Organizing Solutions

Guaranteed Success!

Do you need to better organize your small closets to maximize space?   Are you looking for DIY solutions for your messy closets?

You’ve come to the right place!

Click for free printable.pngThis 12-page printable packet, instantly delivered to your email inbox, will help you establish closet organizing systems that are simple to put in place and easy to maintain.

This terrific 12-page “Closet Organizing” kit includes:

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