Organizing Paper Clutter

Organizing Paper Clutter 1Organizing paper clutter is a challenge for most of us. Where are YOUR paper piles? On the kitchen counter top? On the dining room table? Stacked by the side of your bed?

For this article I will focus on organizing long term reference papers only. Papers where actions have been completed and are being saved for possible future reference. These papers should reside in your home file-cabinet in a simplified system that allows for easy retrieval.

I worked recently with a client located in Orem, Utah. Miss P (we keep our clients identity confidential) was very frustrated when she called me to discuss her piled papers. She knew she needed help because she had tried many times to organize her paper clutter on her own and failed. Was she every happy when she was able, after a 3 hour session with me, to complete a file-cabinet system for her reference papers that allowed her to process and find papers quickly and easily. She was thrilled with the results of our time together.

The process for organizing paper clutter can be handled very simply with my 3 step ACT formula:

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Setting Up Email

Setting Up Email Inbox Folders

so that daily control takes only minutes!

Master Your Email Tool Kit (6 pages)

Are you ready to invest one (1) hour to implement the best strategies available for setting up email? Are you ready to finally organize your email inbox so message storage and retrieval is a breeze? Email management will be simplified and stress free with the valuable professional organizer secrets contained in this terrific 6-page kit introductory priced! It will take you 10 minutes to read the information and only 1 hour to simplify and systematize your email inbox forever! With years of training and experience, I’ve learned some proven best solutions to save you time, money, and sanity. I’m pleased to offer you my NEWEST proven best solution »» How to Master Your EMAIL.

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Floor Plan Layouts

Using Floor Plan Layouts to Organize

ICOVIA Color Floor Plan Layouts 1

You already read my article about using floor plan layouts to organize and why you should use the Icovia Space Planner to help organize your home. If you haven’t read the article posted on Savvy Shopper Deals, click HERE to read it. Now let’s talk about the fun features of Icovia. These features make using ICOVIA:

  • more fun
  • more convenient, and
  • more customizable.

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Being Organized

Being Organized Class Freebies

Being Organized 1 with Vicki WintertonA big THANK YOU to you for being such a marvelous part of my audience! I love helping you along your journey to being organized. Audiences like you make my job the best job ever!  I had a great time revealing some professional organizer secrets to you and hope you had just as much fun learning & laughing with me.

As my way of saying THANKS, I’ve put together a few helpful printables that can be printed out by way of your own home computer. These items will help you along your journey to being organized. They will help you move from what you learned in class to long term change. Being organized with long-term success is my goal for  you.

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Donation Resource List

What to do with the “stuff” you no longer want or need

Donation Resource ListThere comes a time when we realize the things that were useful to us in the past are no longer necessary. To determine your current item needs, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Is this something I use in my life today? No…Donate it.
  2. Is this something I love?   No…Donate it.
  3. Where is this going to go?  Don’t know…Find a GOOD spot or donate it.

When in doubt … keep it! However, if you find yourself keeping too many things, you may need a professional to help you fully understand the 5 steps to living clutter-free.

There are a few things you can do with those items you no longer value:

  • Sell It
  • Toss It
  • Donate It – Peter Walsh calls it “Karmic Cash” (I like this term.)   

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Clean Your House

I am a professional organizer. My specialty is not in cleaning home spaces. It is decluttering and organizing:

  •  A home office
  • The 4 paper types
  • ANY cluttered or disorganized room, drawer, or closet in a home.

However, in my seven (7) years as a professional organizer, I have learned from my clients how to clean your house with some house cleaning tools that minimize the work.

Here are a few of our favorite house cleaning tools and products:  

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How to Organize

How to Organize

ANY Room in Your Home (Truly!)

Organize ANY Room in Your Home Kit (8 pg)

Is home clutter driving you crazy? Are you ready to learn how to organize ANY room in your home with some tried-and-true techniques used by professional organizers? Welcome, I’m Vicki and I offer you years of training and experience as a professional organizer. Over the past 10 years I’ve learned some proven best solutions to save you time, money, and sanity.

How to Organize ANY Room in Your Home

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This download printable comes right to your email inbox and allows you to finally organize your home so it makes sense to everyone who lives there. This kit will mean greater efficiency in your day, more balance in your life,  and more peace of mind.

This terrific 8-page “How to Organize” kit includes:

• The top 10 organizing tips used by professional organizers when they work alongside their clients.
• A one-page planning worksheet that contains “where to start” insights.
• My formula for knowing how long your organizing project will take from beginning to end.
• My 5-step process for how to organize any home space.
• The 4 simple questions you need to ask yourself for knowing what to keep and what to let go.
• A one-page form for understanding how to divide up ANY room for easy “stuff storage”.

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Utah Hazardous Waste

Utah Hazardous Waste 1Don’t miss the ONLY Utah hazardous waste event in Utah County this year. Thanks to the Utah county health department you can bring your “ dangerous stuff” to this scheduled drop-off event for SAFE disposal! The keyword here is SAFE! Safe for you…Safe for the collection specialists…Safe for the environment.
Please take note, the Utah County Health Department will only accept:

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Tree and houseAt the December 2012 meeting of the Utah professional organizers group, one of our group, Traci Barnes of Tame Your Space, offered to take professional looking photos of each PO in attendance. She was not concerned that she was making her competitors look good. She was excited to offer her friends (those competitors) an opportunity to move their business and our Utah group forward in a positive way. I was impressed with Traci’s kindness. I value her as an acquaintance and friend. Traci, that day in December, exemplified well a point in the NAPO bylaws, “I will seek and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with other members and will treat them with respect and courtesy.”

Traci will be leaving our Utah group in 2 months. She will be joining her husband in Cameron Park, California. We will miss her.  We can all learn from Traci’s example. It is smart to treat with respect and courtesy everyone with whom we associate. Thank you Traci for being a good example to me.



ADD help - desk before 1

Dorm room desk BEFORE

I just returned from organizing the dorm room of a young college freshman who had come to Utah from Washington D.C. to begin working on his college degree at the University of Utah. His mother called me a week ago and asked me to help her son who had been recently diagnosed with ADD. (Technically he, like most others, has ADHD. His mind is hyperactive even though his physical body is not.)  He told his mother that he could not find anything in his dorm room. He could not find his homework assignment sheets. He could not find his completed homework pages. He could not find his school supplies. He knew he needed help!

His mother could not help him due to the distance dividing them so she called me, a professional organizer with specialized training, to offer her son some room function insights.

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