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Ten topGetting organized is usually in the “Top-10″ list of resolutions for the New Year! According to the University of Scranton statistics collectors, in 2013 getting organized weighed in at number eight and in 2014 it was the second most often listed resolution. If getting better organized is one of your New Year resolutions I am here to help you.

I am presenting my free class “Professional Organizer Secrets: GET RID OF HOME CLUTTER FOREVER” twice during January 2015 in the Utah Valley area. Please join me and if you bring a friend, you have a chance to win a prize package.

Class details are below:

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Home Storage

Find Hidden-Storage

Most homes contain many overlooked home storage options. When I begin working with a new client I have a list of 13 places we look to find additional home storage options. You might find more storage space in your own home by considering the following locations:

  • Under beds
  • In better organized closets
  • In better organized cabinets
  • On ceiling shelves
  • On backs of doors

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Derek on TVThis marvelous and uplifting YouTube video shares an amazing story follow up story done by CBS’s 60 MINUTES. It tells the story of a young adult named Derek. Derek is a masterful pianist who is blind with mental problems so severe he can not tell  his right hand from his left. He can hold only very simple conversations but is a true genius when sitting at the piano.

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Preparing for House Guests

Preparing for house guests involves more than providing a comfy place for them to sleep. It’s an opportunity to make those house guests feel welcome and guarantee their time spent with you is memorable. Why have house guests if it is not a positive and memorable experience?

Click for free printable.pngEach of the four seasons brings with it a different reason for out-of-town guests to come knocking on your door. Preparing for house guests can be much easier on you IF you organize and prepare well in advance.

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Client Progress – Kristina

BANNER - brown one third pg. - darker - Copy


closet floor before - Kristina

BEFORE Photo – Clothes Closet Floor

Yesterday I worked with Kristina, an energetic young mother diagnosed with adult ADHD. I began working with Kristina one month ago for one half day a week. Over the past month we’ve already downsized the items she no longer uses or values in her master bedroom and master bathroom and then we organized the items in those two rooms that she felt deserved to stay. This week we tackled her master bedroom clothes closet.

Kristina had way to many clothes for her medium sized closet. With an investment of only 4 hours we did the following to her master closet:

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Container Store Preview Party

2014 Store Grand Opening - talkingBecause I am a local professional organizer I was invited to attend the Container Store preview party last Thursday evening.  (That’s me in green in the photo.) This group knows how to throw a party. The food was prepared/presented by Culinary Crafts. They did a beautiful job with the display. A very fun evening. I love cute useful containers!

2014 Culinary Crafts Food Display at Pre-Party

Utah Home Organizing Client Success Story



BANNER - Client Success 2014 (2)

BEFORE home organizing success - GarageI helped this client, Debbie, organize her Draper, Utah home five years ago. Debbie went through a divorce two years back and called me recently to help her organize the garage in her new home of two years nestled against the eastern hills of Salt Lake City, Utah. We worked for 2 days and whipped that messy garage into shape. We found so many things Deb no longer used or valued but was none-the-less stored in that “not yet organized” garage that Debbie decided to suggest to her 21 year old daughter the she, the daughter, hold a garage sale and keep the proceeds.

AFTER photo of organized home garageTake a look at what Debbie and I did in only two afternoons.

AFTER photo of organized home garage 2AFTER photo of organized garage 3

I am so proud of Debbie for realizing that all she needed was a little side-by-side help to motivate her into action. Her garage has stayed nicely organized for 3 months now. Bravo Debbie!

Signature closing



4 Health Benefits of Living Organized

4 health benefits of living organized

Good Housekeeping Magazine AND www.thv11.com  share some health benefits of living organized. Listed here are 4 of the 5 that I have found to be very useful:

1. Benefits of living organized → Increase “Self Care Time”  Enjoying leisure activities is linked with health and well-being. Being “crazy busy” is not a positive way to live. If you can’t cram one more thing into your schedule, you may want to get organized. Every minute you are looking for something – means less time to relax. My clients gain about an hour a day after I help them organize their home or work-from-home office.

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Found Time

Time Issues Time cannot be manufactured. We each have 24 hours in the day. If you are burning the candle at both ends, you may not be as bright as you think you are. In my 8 years of working with clients I now know that it takes time to manage time.

The more you work at time management, the more found time will become available to you. In fact, I guarantee my clients at least one hour gained per day. That creates 6 extra weeks per year for them to spend any way they would like.

If you are interested in locating found time in which to focus on yourself or focus on the projects that matter most to you take a look at this product I’ve created. What will you do with that hour you gain each day?


Sticky: Utah Small-Business Efficiency Coach

Small Business Efficiency Coach

Utah Small-Business Efficiency Coach

I know you know me as Utah’s professional home organizer, but I am also a trained and experienced Utah small-business efficiency coach. I’ve learned as I work with my small-business clients that when workplace efficiency is improved, productivity is greatly increased AND time is freed up for self care. Visit my other website to learn more about how I might help you (or someone you love) become more efficient so you or they can invest more time in the things that really matter.

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