Space Planning and Home Design

As owner of a Utah based business offering professional organizing services, Vicki Winterton of Organizing Mind over Matter is delighted to offer home design and space planning optimization for clients building new homes or remodeling their current home spaces. If you are frustrated with the functioning of your existing home OR are in process of building a new residence and are not sure how to best optimize the space, Vicki Winterton at Organizing Mind over Matter can:

  1. Talk you through space planning suggestions for best design of your new home
  2. Improve traffic flow and space functionality
  3. Reconfigure your existing space based on your changing needs and requirements with space planning optimization

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How to Easily Organize your Home Computer Files

Organize home computer files logo  With an increasing amount of our personal documents going directly into our computers, learning to organize home computer files into simplified folders is becomingly increasingly important. Overly cluttered and disorganized computer files can not only cause frustration, decrease personal productivity, and add stress to your life; but computer clutter can even slow the computer itself. If you are like many of my residential clients, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of  how to put a few simple folders in place to simplify and organize home computer files and folders. If you are ready to organize your home computer files and folders the easy way, then the $15 download printable kit described below is just what you need! BUT first…Check out 5 of the many tips detailed in the printable packet.

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Organizing Kids Clutter

How to Create High Functioning and Clutter-Free Space with KIDS Around

Organizing Kids ClutterKids today do much more in their rooms than just sleep. They go to their rooms to play, to enjoy company with friends, to read books, to do homework, and to simply hide from the world. A child’s room is often a multi-tasking room, which means it is a space that requires efficient organization or else it ultimately becomes a cluttered mess. What with toys and books and little people with messy habits, our kids’ rooms are often the biggest challenges to organize and then keep organized.

6 Products to help you with Organizing Kids Clutter

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How to Organize Workplace Papers

Organizing Store EBP logoThis information page has been moved to our own NEW Small-Business Efficiency Coaching online store.

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Efficient Business Practices

Efficient Business Practices 1I help busy work-from-home clients organize their data, paper, office space, and time to increase both the money they make and the time they want to free up for enjoyable activities outside work. My definition of working efficiently came from a mentor of mine Stephanie Calahan, “Easily creating or finding WHAT you need WHEN you need it.” The green words and phrases below are links to products that will help you become more efficient AND effective in your work-from-home  business.

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Professional Organizer Secrets

Professional Organizers Secrets 1
I was recently invited by a producer at KUTV channel 2 to appear as the organizing expert on the Fresh Living morning show. I was all ready to go when the weather decided to throw me a curve ball. It snowed all night the night before and made the roads very dangerous. I had to call the producer and tell her I could not make the 45 minute drive due to safety concerns. The TV segment objective was to help viewers understand how to better meet their New Year’s resolutions to organize their homes. I was disappointed I could not make the segment taping, but all is not lost. If you are interested in learning how to get organized this year, please join me at the following classes. They are free to the public:

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2014 Get ORGANZIED Classes

frustrated womanAre you ready to live differently to achieve a better life?

A life of peace, calm, and lasting order?

Bring a friend and settle in to learn some important but rarely shared secrets in my 2014 FREE January Get Organized Classes!

* Professional Organizer Secrets *

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Before Years End

before years end word strip

The snow is falling outside and I realize the year will end in less than a month. Before we know it the new year will be upon us with all the resolutions, new goals, and stresses each new year brings to the table.  Today I wrote an article for the local newspaper. In that article I suggested selecting 2 tasks to complete from the 10 listed below:

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Winter Organizing

winter organizing on good things utahI was recently invited by a producer at ABC 4 to appear as the organizing expert on the GOOD THINGS UTAH morning show. The TV segment objective was to help their viewers understand how to organize their homes in preparation for the upcoming winter months. I chose to focus on three areas of interest:

  1. Groom the Garage
  2. Swap-Out Clothing
  3. Create an Organized Entry Closet

I promised the show’s viewers a list of the all products I used as winter organizing storage solutions on the show.  Every one of these great products came from my local LOWES store. Read on to watch the video and find the products I recommended with buying links for each.

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Keep a Bedroom Tidy

keep a bedroom tidy4 Quick Tips to Keep a Bedroom Tidy Once It’s Organized

As you decluttered and then organized your child’s bedroom initially, you focused on less-is-more and understood that every item in your child’s room should have a designated home. You used bookshelves, clear containers, baskets, and under-the-bed storage bins to help your child understand that every item in their room had a GOOD designated landing place. You were sure to include your children when you were de-cluttering their rooms because you knew they needed to participate in the process or else they may never develop the skills necessary to tackle their messy rooms and organize them successfully. Now that that is done, you need to do a few other things to make sure the bedroom stays in good working order:

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