Do You Feel Overwhelmed?

I speak to many people when I present workshops and they typically have one major thing in common. They are All Overwhelmed! You are visiting my website because you want to get organized, but just the thought of tackling an entire room makes you stressed and anxious. You would rather be doing anything else at that moment so you continue to make piles and ignore the chaos because it’s easier to function that way instead of actually tackling it. This feeling of overwhelm spills over to other areas of your life because the visual and mental clutter will stick with you. When people are overwhelmed they tend to waste energy. They get stuck and get busy but not productive.

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How to Organize Basement Storage

sign-2016-success-storiesI worked for a male client located in Orem, Utah this week. Scott wanted me to tackle and organize basement storage shelves. Because he was a man of importance at his workplace he felt it was a finance forward decision to hire me rather than take the time  himself to do the work.

I explained to Scott that I did not know which items his family valued so he, his wife, and their four children would need to take a quick look through the items I pulled off the shelves so they could decide what would be purged and what would be put back on the shelves I categorized and zoned. (Look at the photo below to see the finished project.)

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Organize Your Laundry Room information packet logo

How to Easily Organize Your Laundry Room Once and for all!

One of the most time consuming but essential activities we face is laundry! According to BYU Today Magazine, the average American household washes 330 loads of laundry each year. Shocking isn’t it?  If YOU are ready to organize your laundry room and finally get a laundry routine figured out then the download printable kit described below is just what you need! BUT first…

Check out five of our “top 10 tips” offered on page one of our fabulous printable kit by clicking the read more button.

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Book Review

The Organized Mind

Book - The Organized MindI just finished reading the non-fiction book THE ORGANIZED MIND: THINKING STRAIGHT IN THE AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD by Dr. Danial Levitin who included loads of scholarly research.  The author, a neuroscientist himself, tells us in the book that recent neuroscience research has learned a lot about the brain in relation to organization and productivity, but it hasn’t trickled down to the average reader. His aim was to bring the science to the average person.

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Hoarding – How to Let Go

BANNER - Home organizing Success

I worked with a client yesterday who is a mild hoarder. I have changed her name to protect her identity. I will call her Samantha to protect her real identity.

10 bags of clothes to donateSamantha is a wonderful accomplished woman who went through a major life tragedy 24 years back and coped with her loss by taking up shopping. I have met with Samantha and her husband 3 times previously as we downsized and then organized her kitchen, clothes closet, and master bathroom.

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